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Some things you should know, before submitting to Circlet Press.

If you have read our 1997 guidelines much of this will look familiar. Many of the books we began reading for in 1997 are scheduled for 1998 publication and we still need stories for them. I have added one or two new books as well. If you are looking to submit a book-length manuscript rather than a short story, please read through the story guidelines first, then read the book project guidelines at the end.

SHORT STORY GUIDELINES Submissions will be accepted from April 15, 1998 through August 31, 1998 ONLY. Manuscripts submitted at other times will be discarded (or returned with SASE) unless they were specifically solicited! This is necessary to give us time to schedule other responsibilities into the other months of the year, such as promotion, travel, etc. It has ended up that it takes me all year to read the manuscripts that come during "reading period" so really I am reading year round.

DONT'S: I'm really serious about these: Don't send anything too...

The Write Markets Report is a family publication and can't post the remainder of these guidelines (fanning ourselves) Surf to:

for the complete set of guidelines. Reader beware....

Circlet Press, Inc.
Cecilia Tan, Publisher/Editor
1770 Mass Ave #278
Cambridge, MA 02140

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