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Christian Single Magazine

Our Purpose is to encourage singles primarily in their 20s and 30s to integrate the biblical principles of their faith into their everyday lifestyle.

Our Approach is to address the current, real-life issues facing singles from a positive Christian perspective. We seek to be thought-provoking and relevant. Our articles are biblically based, well-written, thoroughly researched and documented, and provide practical help and proven answers to spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Our Content includes a special thematic section which is determined and assigned by the staff; a featured profile; book, movie, and music reviews; information bites; advice columns written by professional counselors; and health information. Other articles are determined seasonally, assigned to writers, or taken from freelance submissions.

Our Readers represent the entire spectrum of Christian singles. They are not only never-married and childless, but also are divorced, widowed, and single parents. Slightly more than half are women.

Writing for Christian Single

Understand our Style before you submit your work to us. We will gladly send you a sample copy; simply send us a self-addressed, stamped 9 x 12 envelope. We also recommend that you look at several recent back issues. This will enable you to see several important aspects of the magazine: topics we've covered recently, the informal, conversational style of writing we like, and the unique nature of our fiction, poetry, and devotional items. You will note that many of our articles address social issues controversial for Christians, but reflect a balanced evangelical perspective.

We Like to see a fresh perspective /presentation of your subject. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us, "There is nothing new under the sun," but the way you present your material can make it seem new, and that kind of freshness is our goal. We like allegorical fiction and modern-style poetry.

We Don't Publish material that condemns singleness or seeks to console singles on their sad lot in life; we see single life as full of opportunities, and so do our readers. They are seeking to make the most of life; help, don't hinder, their efforts.

A Successful Query Letter will, first of all, put you in our good graces - we prefer to see a query before you submit an article. Secondly, it will give us your working title, a clear statement of purpose including your reasons for thinking your article will help our readers, a concise outline, an indication of the style of the article and/or a short sample paragraph, the prospective word count, information about any special features of your article (including available photographs, slides, or illustrations, and any sidebars you plan to develop) and your qualifications to write the article (including a list or samples of your publishing credits).

The Review Process takes around two months, so don't be concerned if you don't receive an immediate reply. Any photographs or illustrations are subject to the graphic designer's approval. We reserve the editorial right to make any changes we deem necessary. Payment for your article is negotiable and made on acceptance of a first rewrite, if it is needed. If your article is published, you will receive three complimentary copies of the issue in which it appears.

Technical Specifications Checklist

Articles should be between 600 and 2000 words. See the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual for style guidelines. Use the NIV when quoting the Bible. All quoted material must be documented using the author, publisher, location, date, and page number, and permission verification must be given. Submissions should include both a hard copy and a 3.5 high density disk copy. Requested manuscripts may be sent via e-mail. Indicate your name, mailing address, SSN, word count, and rights being offered on both your manuscript and your disk. Your name and phone number should be on every page of your manuscript. Always include an SASE when corresponding with us, whether you are requesting sample copies or submitting a query or manuscript; we will not respond otherwise.

Christian Single Magazine
David N. Hargrove, Editor-in- Chief
127 Ninth Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37234-0140

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