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Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine

Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery. Response 40 days, unforgiving rejections. 500-7500 words, 3-10 cents per word, strong female characters a must.

Fiction Guidelines: Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine buys well-plotted short stories, up to 5,500 words (yes, this is a firm limit). We prefer 3,500 to 4,000 words, but we also buy short-shorts (under 1000 words). Stories longer than 5,500 words are bought by commission only.

We buy original fantasy with no particular objection to modern settings, but we do want action and adventure. The primary purpose of your story should be to entertain the reader; and although any good story has a central point behind the plot, the reader should be able to deduce it rather than having it thrust upon him. Fantasy content should start on the first page and must appear within the first five pages. We prefer strong female characters, and will reject out of hand stories in which we find objectionable sexism. We do not favor strong language because, although we ARE NOT a magazine aimed at children or young adults, we do have many young readers. Non-fiction should be queried; it is done on commission only.

Please read a few issues before submitting so that you can see the kind of thing we do buy. For a sample copy, send $4.00 and a 9" X 12" self-addressed envelope.

Please do not submit: Poetry, serials, childrens' stories, shared world stories, science fiction, hard technology, occult, horror, re-written fairy tales, radical feminism, romances (in which love, romance, and marriage are the main motivations), surrealism or avant-garde stories, or stories about God, the Devil, or "hearth-witches".

Beware of: "dime-a-dozen" subjects such as dragons, elves, unicorns, wizards, sea creatures, brute warriors, ghosts, adventuring sorcerers/sorceresses, thieves/assassins, or final exams for wizards. We get dozens of these kinds of stories every week, and we reject all but the truly unusual and well-written ones.

General Information: We do not accept simultaneous submissions or reprints (no matter how obscure the original). Do not re-submit a story unless we specifically request it. This applies also to stories submitted to MZB for any other market, such as SWORD AND SORCERESS. Since MZB reads everything herself, each story is considered for all the projects she's working on unless the author requests otherwise.

All manuscripts must be typewritten or on letter quality printer, double-spaced on white paper. MZB can not read small, dim or dot-matrix printing, and if she can't read it, she can't buy it. Type must be at least 11 point, and we prefer "Courier New" 12 typeface. DO NOT use corrasible bond, onion skin, or any other translucent paper. Do not justify the right margin. Please underline any phrases in the manuscript which should appear in italics; do not actually use italics.

Care will be taken, but we cannot assume responsibility for unsolicited stories. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope): large with sufficient postage (allow an extra ounce) if you want your manuscript returned; #10 with one stamp if your manuscript is disposable. Manuscripts without a SASE will be thrown out unread. If you need to know we received your story, enclose a self-addressed stamped postal card. If your manuscript is rejected, it will be returned as soon as possible. If we do not return it within three months, we are probably holding it for possible use and will write to you as soon as we can.

DON'T use Certified, Express or Registered mail; we haven't time to stand in line and sign for them.

We buy only first magazine rights. Rates are professionally competitive, and we pay on acceptance. Send all manuscripts to: Mrs. Marion Z. Bradley - Editor, Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine, PO Box 249, Berkeley, CA 94701, USA.

Art Guidelines Rachel Holmen, MZBFM's Publisher, is the person who buys all art for the magazine.

Artwork for stories is commissioned on an individual basis; Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine does not usually buy pre-done artwork. Ms. Holmen generally chooses artists whose work she has seen at science fiction convention art shows, so the best way to attract her notice is to exhibit at some of the larger conventions. If you don't do that and you would like her to see samples of your style, the best method is to send good quality black & white photocopies for her files. Please send no more than five or six 8-1/2 x 11 non-returnable samples. Most of the artwork used is interior black and white pen-and-ink drawings, but other black and white media (watercolors, acrylics, scratchboard, etc.) are acceptable.

Rates are competitive, and we pay on acceptance.

contests: Mystery Time: annual contest. Send #10 typed SASE for details. Deadline September 15. Contact Linda Hutton, P.O. Box 2907, Decatur, IL 62524.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine
Mrs. Marion Z. Bradley, Editor
P.O. Box 249
Berkeley, CA 94701

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