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Nature Photographer

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER is an international photography magazine published six (6) times a year. The focus of NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER is photographing in the wilderness throughout the world. We are looking for two to five articles per issue that discuss how to improve technique (e.g., submit thorough, well-planned how-to articles) for all aspects of nature photography in the wild, including macro subjects,wild flowers, wildlife, landscapes, underwater, and nature abstracts. Looking for travel destination articles and unique photo location pieces which include how-to information. Please, no pets, images of wild animals that have been obtained by feeding the animals (birds at backyard feeders are acceptable for publication), wildlife setup shots, zoo shots, or shots of animals confined in any way (this includes insects, reptiles, and amphibians). No game farm "rent-an-animal" images accepted. Due to the wilderness focus of NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER, we do not accept computer manipulated or enhanced images. NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERĘs regular departments are staff-written and include interviews, field notes, wildlife images, wild lore, conservation articles, and equipment reviews. The one exception to regular departments beings staff written is Photo Techniques and Gear which is written by various experts in the field of photographic techniques and those who are well familiar with photoraphic gear. We welcome queries for this department. QUERY BY LETTER FIRST! Please, no phone queries. NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER maintains high editorial standards. Upon our acceptance of a queried idea, the manuscript will range from 750 words to 2,000 words. Please submit all articles double-spaced and printed on a letter-quality printer. No draft-quality dot matrix! We review 35mm, 2-1/4 x 2-1/4, 6x7, and 4x5 transparencies. (NO GLASS MOUNTS ACCEPTED.) We only review or accept color prints for publication which were taken by by young people between the ages of 5 yrs. and 18 yrs. All submissions made by adults must be on slides/transparency film. All submissions must include the photographerĘs name, address, and subject identification on the slide mount or on the back of the black and white print. Transparencies should be presented in clear slide saver sheets. We do not review slides packed in their yellow Kodak boxes or wrapped in tissue. Please limit your submissions to 40 or less. Quality is better than quantity. IMAGES FOR COVER CONSIDERATION MUST BE VERTICAL, SHOT IN THE WILD, AND DRAMATIC. Black backgrounds or excessively dark backgrounds DO NOT WORK for our covers. Our re view sched ule for slides is as follows -please DO NOT send slides at other times of the year: Review for Apr/May, June/July/\, Aug/Sept. issues (Spring & Summer images) (submit in late October) Review for/Oct/Nov., Dec./Jan, Feb/Mar. issues (Fall and Winter images, including tropical scenes.

Nature Photographer
Evamarie Mathaey, Editor
Helen Longest-Slaughter, Photo Editor
P.O. Box 2019
Quincy, MA 02269

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