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Pediatrics for Parents

Pediatrics For Parents emphasizes an informed, common-sense approach to childhood health care. We stress preventative action, accident prevention, when to call the doctor and when and how to handle a situation at home. We are also looking for articles that describe general, medical and pediatric problems, advances, new treatments, etc. All articles must be medically accurate and useful to parents with children -- prenatal to adolescence. Pediatrics For Parents is not a general parenting magazine and will not consider such material.

Professional Submissions by Medical and Dental Authorities: We will consider articles previously published in professional journals if rewritten for our lay audience. All articles must be in an active voice, avoiding medical language while adhering to our strict standards of factual accuracy. Explanatory articles on body functions, disease processes and treatment approaches would be on target. We are also looking for articles on wellness, prevention, and modes of interaction between children, parents and medical and dental professionals.

Submissions by Non-Medical and Dental Authorities: We are interested in original, well researched, factual, and informative articles on topics described above. Articles must be authoritative and specific with reference citations accompanying each article. We are not particularly interested in "first person stories" unless they are extremely moving or contain a large amount of information.

Submission Requirements: All articles must be typed, single spaced, and have 1 inch margins. Use block paragraph style as exemplified by this page. Don't use proportional spacing or full justification. Capitalize the first letter of titles, subtitles, etc. Use single space to separate sentences, etc. Put your name, address and phone number on a title page only and not on subsequent pages. Don't number your pages. Please stable the pages of your articles. Copies are acceptable.

Submission Format- Electronic: Articles should be on a 3 1/4 floppy disks that are Macintosh compatible. We can translate IBM compatible disks. We also accept submissions sent via E-mail. We do not publish photographs, although drawings and diagrams may be used. If you wish to have your article, diagrams and drawings, or computer disk returned, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Otherwise, articles cannot be returned. Articles will be returned within 6-8 weeks if not accepted. We will consider reprints.

Fillers and Short Articles: We do accept these items. We follow the same guidelines as above.

Length: 150-200 words.

Payment: Our pay schedule varies depending on the type of article, its length, and our needs. Payment is also influenced by the quality of expression, importance of topics, amount of research and/or expertise involved. We generally pay between $5 and $50 per article. Payment is on publication.

Sample Copy: We strongly recommend you read a couple issues of the newsletter the get a flavor for our publication. Sample copies are available for $3 each, postage paid.

Pediatrics for Parents
Rich Sagall, M.D., Editor and Publisher
747 South 3rd St., #3
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3324


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