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Murderous Intent

MURDEROUS INTENT Mystery Magazine, is a quarterly magazine targeting the readers and writers of mystery/suspense who want not only to be entertained but challenged. The format is 8 1/2" x 11", saddle-stitched, approx. 56-64 pages with a two color glossy cover.

FICTION: Send only your best short stories, no longer than 5000 words (prefer 2000 to 4000 words) (short shorts considered -- 200 to 400 word flash mysteries that have a beginning, middle, & twist ending). We will also consider cross-genre mysteries (i.e. horror, science fiction, romance) if the strongest emphasis is on the mystery/suspense. Give at least a hint of the mystery on the first page and keep suspense high. We publish what we feel are outstanding stories. Plot and character are of equal importance.

NON FICTION: We are looking for articles (no longer than 4000 words) applicable to writing or reading mysteries. For example, articles covering forensics, police practices, district attorneys and how their offices operate, weaponry, crime scenes, medical examiners, private investigators, criminal defense lawyers, DNA testing, etc. We are open to anything pertaining to the mystery field BUT the articles must be authentic and you MUST include sources. No true crime. FILLERS: Actively seeking Mystery related cartoons, poetry (4 to 8 lines humerous mystery/suspense), jokes, limericks, or very short mystery related nonfiction articles etc.

SUBMISSIONS: Please send a cover letter and brief publishing bio with submission. Send hardcopy now. Be prepared to supply a computer disk with your story single spaced on, acceptance. We do not accept manuscripts for publication unless they are on a suitable 3 1/2" computer floppy disk.] acceptance. Please observe all manuscript conventions, i.e. double spaced text, one side of page only on white bond paper with one inch margins all around and dark, readable type (on hard copy) in 10 pt. Courier font. NEVER send the only copy of your manuscript. No gratuitous or explicit sex, violence, or language. No cannibal stories. Only one story and/or article per submission, please!

PAYMENT: Fiction or nonfiction, payment for First North American Serial rights is $10 plus two free copies per story or article, on acceptance. The author will be expected to sign a contract stating that the work is original and that he or she is the author. Reprints seldom accepted. Fillers: related to mystery are needed. Pays $2. Subscriptions: $20 per year for four issues or $5.95 plus SAE (9x12" envelope) with four first class stamps attached or $7.19 & SAE (9x12" envelope) for a sample copy.

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine
Madison Publishing Company
P.O. Box 5947
Vancouver, WA 98668-5947
Margo Power, Editor (fiction, nonfiction, fillers)
Dale Power, Art Director (artwork)

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