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Erotic Letters for Your Lover
Now you can receive this popular paperback within 72 hours by ordering on-line for only $4.95, postage paid! (Add $2 per book if outside US.)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The material in this booklet is adult-oriented. You must be 18 years or older to order.


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Want to Contribute to Future Erotic Letters Books?

Erotic Letters for Your Lover II (wives to husbands)
Erotic Letters for Your Lady (husbands to wives)

Submissions should 50 - 500 words, but we are flexible.

Writers may use pen names or remain anonymous.

Payment: Those chosen for publication will receive two contributor's 
copies of the book for each letter chosen in exchange for print rights.

How to Submit: E-mail your letter(s) to 
Include your name or pen name (or anonymous if you'd like your letter 
to be nameless). We will contact you soon by e-mail when our 
decisions for these editions are made.

Content Requirements: Romance must be somehow involved in the letter. 
Soft erotica is encouraged. 

Our favorite love letters touch on:
When we first met
If we were strangers
Fantasy being fulfilled
How you make me feel
Remember when...
What I want/need

Love letters must invoke romance and physical passion. 

$4.95 per book. Add $2 per book if outside the United States.

When ordering by mail, make checks payable to:


957 Nasa Road One, Suite 108
Houston, TX 77058
United States