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Tech Directions

Tech Directions welcomes submissions from professionals in technology, industrial, and vocational education. Our magazine features materials of interest in all subject areas in these fields, for teachers and administrators from elementary through postsecondary years. In particular, we invite articles related to teaching techniques, new and unusual activities, laboratory/classroom administrative procedures, and issues facing the field.

Tech Directions publishes articles in the following areas:

Aerospace/Aviation; Automotive Technology; Building Trades & Construction; Forge & Foundry; Graphic Communications; Hydraulics/Pneumatics; Radio & TV; Robotics; Safety; Small Engines; Career Education; CAD/CAM/CNC; Communications; Industrial Arts; Integrated Curriculum; Teaching Techniques; Technician Training; Computer Applications; Computer Programs; Computer Technology; Lab Administration; Lasers; Machine Shop; Manufacturing; Technology Education; Tech Prep; Trade &Industry; Drafting & Design; Electricity/Electronics; Facilities; Foreign Programs; Mass Production; Metalworking; Plastics/Ceramics; Transportation; Vocational Education; Welding; Woodworking

Although subject content is the most critical element in a manuscript, such factors as correct spelling, clear and lucid writing, good photographs and drawings, and overall neatness contribute to a favorable evaluation.


1. Manuscripts should be typed or printed out, double-spaced, on 8-1/2" x 11" white paper. If possible, submit a floppy disk with your manuscript. Preferred format is 3-1/2" disk for Macintosh, Microsoft Word 4.0 or higher. Other formats are acceptable, however. You may also submit inquiries or text by e-mail.

2. When describing activity construction, keep procedure to a minimum, but emphasize complicated steps that may need clarification. Stress the activity's instructional value‹tell what the student will learn. Provide essential facts and details, but don't waste words.

3. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a manuscript idea, please write to us with a brief description. Our editors will evaluate your idea and let you know if we think you should proceed with preparation of a manuscript for our consideration.

4. Artwork: Photographs, line drawings, charts, graphs, and other figures add life and interest to an idea, enhance the appearance of an article, and often tell more than the text itself. Photographs should be included, no matter the topic of the article, if at all possible. Photographs must be in sharp focus, have good contrast, and be free of dust, dirt, fingerprints, and so forth. Polaroid photos do not reproduce well. Color prints, slides, transparencies, and black-and-white prints are acceptable. When sending color prints, send negatives also if possible. If you have any high-quality color photographs or slides, please include them with your article for possible use on the magazine cover.

If you are not a photographer, ask someone who is to help you. Do not write on either side of the photographs--but do submit typed information identifying and describing the photos on a separate sheet. If a photograph requires callouts or part identification, give this information on a tissue overlay taped to the back of the print. Photos of individuals, especially students and teachers actively engaged in activities related to the article are desired‹but avoid a "posed" look. If the article is a project, include a close-up photograph of the completed product that shows all of it.

Be sure to include drawings of projects that require construction. Drawings should be in ink on white or tracing paper, using careful drafting techniques. CAD plots are also acceptable. Pencil drawings and blueprints are not acceptable, since they do not reproduce well. Keep in mind that because the original drawing will very likely be reproduced electronically, perhaps with a 50 percent or more reduction, the weight and integrity of lines and size and weight of letters are very important.

You may also submit artwork through e-mail or on disk. Photographs must have at least 300 dpi resolution. Send files in TIFF or EPS format.

5. Other submissions: Besides full-length articles, we also publish and pay honorariums for brain teasers and crossword and other kinds of puzzles that can be useful for educators in our fields. "Tech-Niques," our name for short, helpful hints for managing the lab or classroom, are also accepted, as are essays of opinion on issues in our fields. Letters and news stories on awards, contests, and significant program or personnel events are welcomed and published as appropriate without payment to authors. Please follow guidelines as described for article manuscripts and artwork when submitting this kind of material.

6. Submit the original and one copy of your manuscript to: Tom Bowden, Managing Editor, Tech Directions, P.O. Box 8623, Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8623. E-mail submissions or inquiries should go to Please follow all e-mail submissions with hard copy. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the submission to assist us in returning materials to you should that be necessary.


Manuscripts will be acknowledged upon receipt and will be reviewed by the editors within four weeks of receipt. Following this review, you will be notified of our decision concerning publication. Honorariums for published manuscripts (not including letters and news items) are paid at the time of publication, at rates based on the length and nature of the topics covered.

Just as the editors of Tech Directions respect any and all ideas submitted to us as belonging to the contributor, you should submit manuscripts to only one publication at a time. Also, do not submit text, photographs, drawings, or other items that are taken from books, magazines, or other copyrighted sources without first securing specific permission.

Tech Directions
Tom Bowden, Managing Editor
P.O. Box 8623
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8623

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