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                     March, 1998

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Paying Markets
Writing With Numbers by Deborah Clark

Q: Is there an address (e-mail or otherwise) for the new ESPN

A: The only e-mail we can locate is

Q. What are the benefits for professional writers attending a 
writer's conference? I am an established writer and am only 
interested in networking to obtain more assignments. 

A. I attended the Texas Outdoor Writers Association Conference in 
Waco, Texas two weeks ago. A Houston Chronicle columnist, who was 
also there, later wrote about a book written by an author he had met 
at that conference. In addition to networking with other writers, you 
can expect to meet several editors at the many social functions 
offered by conference coordinators and sponsors. You can also 
accumulate enough article ideas from sponsors to keep you busy 
sending queries for several weeks. Expect travel and hotel discounts 
associated with professional conferences and "freebies" offered by 
sponsors. Some offer free meals during the entire conference 
duration.  Keep your eyes open while traveling for more story ideas. 
I watched a house burn to the ground near Waco, met the editor of the 
community newspaper in Troy, Texas, and visited the Branch Dividian 
Compound where I was filmed by a television crew documenting the 5th 
anniversary of the siege. 

Conferences are a wonderful resource for writers and I attend as many
as my schedule allows. Look for me next at the third annual conference
of The Association of Authors and Publishers in Houston, Texas on
April 25th. This year's conference, From Manuscript to Market,
includes 14 sessions on three workshop tracks: Traditional Publishing,
Self Publishing, and Marketing.  For sign-up information, contact
Cathy Stucker at

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24-Hour Short Story Contest guidelines now available
The 1998 Annual 24-Hour Short Story Contest guidelines are now online
at: Here, you will
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The Write Markets Report
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If you would like to contribute a door prize and be listed as a
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convenience at or (281)470-8397.

In the News
Prima Publishing Launches New Division 
Prima Publishing, one of the leading independently owned and managed
book publishers in the United States, has created a new division, 
Prima Health. According to Ben Dominitz, founder and president of 
Prima Publishing, "Over the past eight years, Prima has published 
health books widely acclaimed for their high quality and expert 
authorship. As a result of the popularity of our books and the growth 
of the industry, our health publishing program has grown to the point 
where it has become an independent division." Writer's Guidelines 
are online at:

The New York Times Electronic Media Company
Richard Meislin has been named  the new Editor in Chief of The New
York Times Electronic Media Company 

Virtue Magazine (NWM, Feb. 98) has ceased operations.

New Magazines
Mars & Venus
Spinoff of John Gray's bestseller, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From
Venus. Premier issue features: 365 Days of Love, What Makes
Me Feel Loved (interviews with celebrities); 20 Years of Passion (how
to make your marriage last forever); and The One Sex Secret You Must
Know. CONTACT: April P. Bernard, Managing Editor, Mars & Venus, News
America Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 500, Radnor, PA 19088.


The following *paying* markets offer free sample issues on request.
Please request sample only if you plan to query them in the future.

Black & White
1312 20th St. South
Birmingham, AL 35205
Bi-weekly city paper covering music, film, the arts, and local 
Pays $75-350

CI Magazine
1507 9th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605
General interest, lifestyle publication. 
Pays negotiable flat fee

Compensation & Benefits Review
American Management Association
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019-7420
In-depth features on compensation, benefits strategy, management
issues, and news briefs. 
Pays flat fee

Event Magazine
611 S. Myrtle Ave., Suite A
Clearwater, FL 33756
Send SASE with $0.78 postage.
The arts, literature, personality profiles, fashion, beauty, health
and fitness, film, food, and short stories. 
Pays $35

Global Investing
1040 1st Avenue, Suite 305
New York, NY 10022
(800) 388-4237
Stocks and bonds.
Pays $300-400


The following *paying* markets provide writer's guidelines by e-mail:

Aruba Nights, Bonaire Nights, Cancun Nights, Curacao Nights, and St.
Maarten Nights 
Five lifestyle and travel magazines for visitors to these locations. 
Pays $100-250

America's Civil War, Aviation History, Military History, Vietman, Wild
West, and World War II Magazines. 
Six history magazines published by Cowles Media. 
Pays $150-300

Editor & Publisher Magazine
Trade publication serving the newspaper industry.
Pays flat fee

Independent Publisher
Trade publication for publishers.
Pays $65-375


The following *paying* markets provide writer's guidelines on-line:

Allyn & Bacon 
A division of Simon & Schuster
Pays royalties

Dollhouse Miniatures
Miniatures magazine for crafters and collectors.
Pays ave. $150 for features

Fiction and non-fiction.
Pays $15-25

ISLANDS magazine
Covering island travel.
Pays $0.50/word

Whitehorse Press
The Motorcycle Information Company
Currently looking for books on motorcycle technology, motorcycle
restoration (skills, techniques, etc.), and riding skills (street,



Reprinted from The Write Markets Report
Free e-issue on request to
Historic Traveler, 6405 Flank Dr., Harrisburg, PA 17112. Website
. Tom Huntington, Editor (all sections,
except for Superior Stays, which should go to Judy Sopronyi). 80-90%
freelance. "Historic Traveler, 'The Guide to Great Historic
Destinations,' is the magazine for people who want to stand in
history's footsteps. Through an entertaining and informative mix of
history and travel, the magazine guides its readers around historic
destinations in the United States and Canada as well as select
international sites. The magazine's strong writing, striking
photography, informative maps and up-to-date travel information make
the history in its pages come alive. Even armchair travelers can
appreciate Historic Traveler's accounts of the places where history
happened." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 125K. Bimonthly. Pays on
acceptance. Time between acceptance and publication varies. Buys
varying rights. No reprints. Responds 8 weeks. Sample $5. Subscription
$11.97; $16.95 Canada; $35.97 other. Guidelines by mail with SASE.
NEEDS: Good story ideas with strong history and travel aspects. Pays
flat fee of $250 for Superior Stays; $300 for other departments, $50
for Reviews, Side Trips, and Landmarks; features start at $500 for
1,500-3,000 words plus a sidebar of service information called the
Trip Planner. Submit query with clips by mail with SASE. PHOTOS/ART:
Yes. HINTS: "Make sure you're not proposing a history article. We need
a strong travel angle for our stories."

Nature Photographer, P.O. Box 2019, Quincy, MA 02269. P(617)847-0095.
F(617)847-0952. E-mail . Evamarie Mathaey,
Editor; Helen Longest-Slaughter, Photo Editor. 75-80% freelance.
"Informative articles to improve technique for all aspects of nature
photography including macro, flowers, wildlife, landscapes,
underwater, and nature abstracts. How-to, special techniques articles,
articles highlighting photo travel opportunities and locations."
Welcomes new writers. Circ. 25K. Bimonthly. Pays end of month of
publication. Publishes ms 3-36 months after acceptance. Buys one-time
rights. Accepts reprints (pays 75% of normal article rate). Responds
3-6 months. Sample for SASE. Subscription $16.45; $22.45 Canada;
$25.45 other. Guidelines by mail with SASE or by e-mail. NEEDS: How-to
articles, especially advanced how-to articles. Pays $75-150 for
article/photo package of 500-2,500 words. Submit query by mail with
SASE. PHOTOS/ART: "Slides and all images must be taken in the WILD. No
set-up or captive photographs used in Nature Photographer.  No
computer manipulated or enhanced images used in Nature Photographer."
Pays $15-30 for inside; $100 for cover. 

Net Profit$, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 720, Los Angeles, CA 90069.
F(310)786-2458. Website . Attn:
Editorial Dept. 70% freelance. The magazine for the Internet
entrepreneur. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 100K. Bimonthly. Pays 30
days after acceptance. Publishes ms 4-6 weeks after acceptance. Buys
first and electronic rights. Considers reprints. Response time varies.
Sample free on request with 8.5x11 SASE. Subscription $24; $48 outside
US. Guidelines are still being developed. NEEDS: Queries. Pay varies,
approx. $0.30/word and up. Submit query by mail with SASE or by fax.
PHOTOS/ART: Needs vary. HINTS: "Please have some familiarity with the
markets/industries the pub you are soliciting covers."

Off Duty, 3505 Cadillac Ave., Suite O-105, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Attn:
Editor. 60-70% freelance, but most of that is written by contributing
editors and long-time freelancers. "Off Duty is a four-color, general
interest bi-monthly for the US military community around the world. We
have editions for Europe, the Pacific and America, which are
distributed free on base at virtually every installation of all four
service branches around the world. Being that we're "off duty," our
focus is on leisure-time activities and topics that appeal to the
entire military family, as well as the single service member. As such,
we do very little, if any, duty- or job-related editorial. Our primary
topics are travel, home life, personal finance, health & fitness,
food/recipes, education, automotive news, and consumer electronics
(audio, video, photo and computers)." Occasionally works with new
writers, "particularly for our 'Dialogue' column, but that's a
commentary column written solely by female members of the military
community." Circ. 507K. Bimonthly. Pays net 30 days after acceptance.
Publishes ms 2-3 months after acceptance. Buys one-time world rights.
Accepts reprints that have not appeared in a competitor. Responds 1-4
months. Sample for 8.5x11 SASE with $1.75 postage. Subscription
controlled. Guidelines by mail with SASE. NEEDS: "Most of our '98
editorial has already been assigned. The only remaining openings at
this time are: Dude Ranches/Cattle Drive Vacations and the Chesapeake
Bay." Pays $0.20/word for 1,200-1,500 words (2 page article) or 2,000
words (travel or cover article). Submit query by mail with SASE.
PHOTOS/ART: "We'll use photos from the author, but don't send photos
with a query. Only send photos with the finished manuscript." Pays
$150-250/photo depending on the size used. HINTS: "Don't waste your
time sending simultaneous queries or any proposal that could run in
any of several magazines. We only consider articles that can only
appear in Off Duty. Even our travel articles usually must have a
military slant with at least information about military discounts on
nearby on-base accommodations. In the case of Chesapeake Bay, for
instance, the article will highlight the attractions of particular
interest to military people, in addition to other attractions. In
short, you don't have much chance of writing for Off Duty if you don't
get to know us and our readers. When it comes to US travel articles,
we never feature a small destination or attraction. Stories about a
little town off the beaten track, a single military museum, or
anything else that only makes for an afternoon or overnight visit are
not for us. If a reader isn't likely to travel cross-country to spend
several days at the subject of your travel query, we're not
interested. We are also not looking for the personal experience type
of article; that is, anything along the lines of "When I served in
WWII, me and my buddies..." However, the story of a personal
experience that's used to anchor a subject with which our readership
can relate to and learn from is suitable. For instance, an article by
a military spouse about his/her experiences while adopting a child,
with lots of advice and quotes from authorities about the pitfalls and
remedies, is right up our alley. Other things we aren't looking for:
poetry, fiction and cartoons."

PC Portables, 8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900, Beverly Hills, CA
90211. P(213)651-5400. F(213)651-1201. E-mail .
Website . Theresa Barry Nozick,
Managing Editor. 25% freelance. Magazine devoted to portable
technology. Reviews of the latest portable computers; software; tools.
Features on how to use portable technology. Monthly columns on PC
Cards, the Internet, and Wireless technology, plus "Mobile Insights"
column from renowned portable expert, J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. Monthly
Buyer's Guide to approximately 200 portable computer, ruggedized
computers and handheld devices. Welcomes new writers. Monthly. Pays on
acceptance. Publishes ms 2 months after acceptance. Buys first rights.
No reprints. Responds immediately. Sample for e-mail request to
. Subscription $17.95. Guidelines by e-mail to
. NEEDS: Mss on portable technology (see description
above). Pays approximately $0.50/word for varying ms lengths. Submit
query or complete ms by e-mail. PHOTOS/ART: "Authors are responsible
for obtaining photos from manufacturers."

Sailing Magazine, P.O. Box 249, 125 E. Main St., Port Washington, WI
53074. P(414)284-3494. F(414)284-7764. E-mail
<>. Website .
Micca Hutchins, Editor. 20% freelance. Sailing Magazine is for the
sailor committed to the sport. All kinds of sailing are featured on
big pages full of pictures and text complemented by technical
articles. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 40K. Monthly. Pays on
publication. Publishes ms 6 months after acceptance. Buys one-time
rights. Rarely accepts reprints. Responds 2 months. Sample for written
request and $5. Subscription $28; $40 outside US. Guidelines by mail
with SASE. NEEDS: Features with pictures. Pays $250-500 for 800-2,500
words. Submit complete ms with cover letter by mail with SASE.
PHOTOS/ART: Pays $50-800.

                 WRITING WITH NUMBERS
                          By Deborah Clark

There were 5,899,560,361 people in the world on March
1, 1998.   One in twelve American women will be stalked in
their lifetime.  Jamaica exports 70% of its yellow yams to
the U.S.  

We are surrounded by numbers.  The one thing these
statistics have is common is they represent money to the
writer who can turn them into a story.

With the numbers and the right slant, a writer can
market one idea to many publications with a
minimum of rewriting.  The statistics about American women
being stalked can be used to create one piece on safety for
women; a second one on the most dangerous/safest places to
live; a third one about how to obtain legal injunctions
against a person; another one on celebrities who have been
stalked, and one on how far stalkers will go to stay near
those they are fixated on.  As demonstrated, one little
statistic can go a long way.

Finding statistics is easy using the Net.  Governments,
associations, and interest groups provide a plethora of data,
all for the asking.  A metasearch engine, a search robot
that will search all other sources and engines and provide
results, is one of the best ways to find the sites that
provide the data.  A good site for a listing of metasearch
engines is:

Using numbers will provide data to support query
letters as well.  Providing preliminary data can help sway
the editor in the writer's favor.  Editors like working
with writers who are prepared.

Writers are limited only by their creativity and
research skills when it comes to making money by the
numbers.  Look at numbers and think of markets that might be
interested in the information that statistics represent.

Deborah Clark is a freelance writer currently working on a marketing 
handbook for writers. She can be reached at

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