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Small Sample of Markets that Appeared in a Prior Issue

The Amicus Journal

40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011. Kathrin Day Lassila, Editor; Dana Nadel Foley, Managing Editor. Website . 80% freelance. The Amicus Journal is a wide ranging forum on environmental issues. Circ. 250K. Quarterly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms. average of 6 months after acceptance. Buys 1st N.A. and electronic rights. No reprints. Reports 2 months. Sample copy for $4. Subscription $10. Guidelines by e mail or by mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Queries of at least a page, with past clips, that explain the significance and timeliness of the topic and give some sense of how it will be treated. Writers should be familiar with the policy debates and/or scientific/technical issues germane to the topic. Pay negotiable for 700 5,000 words.


HINTS: "We cover the unexpected: light pollution, evangelicals and environmentalism, hitchhiking in an electric car race. We cover the essential: what Congress is doing on the environment, green PR by industrial corporations, the state of global warming science. We publish poems and essays on themes rooted in nature including work by some of today's foremost poets and essayists. The magazine is a past winner of the George Polk Award."

Art Papers

P.O. Box 77348, Atlanta, GA 30357. P(404)588 1837. F(404)588 1836. E mail . Ruth Resnicow, Editor in Chief, Michael Pittari, Associate Editor. 100% freelance. Contemporary art publication, accepting reviews of art exhibitions from writers. Circ. 5K. Bi monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms. average of 3 months after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Reports 1 week. Sample copy available with guidelines on request. Subscription $30. Guidelines by e mail or mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Art reviews. Request writer's guidelines. Call before writing review to get exhibition approved and to make sure another writer is not covering it already. Pays $30 + 1 copy for reviews of 800 1,000 words.

PHOTOS: b/w preferred, color slides acceptable

HINTS: "Our reviews are critical essays and are usually published after the exhibition has closed. Our writer's guidelines will give you hints."

Atlanta Parent

4330 Georgetown Square II, Suite 506, Atlanta, GA 30338. P(770)454 7599. F(770)454 7699. E mail . Peggy Middendorf, Assistant to the Publisher. 60 80% freelance. Atlanta Parent is aimed at parents with kids from birth to age 16. Addresses all of their parenting needs from serious subject matter to crafts and humor. Circ. 70K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms. average of 3 months after acceptance. Buys one time rights. Reprints accepted but they reserve exclusive Atlanta rights. Reports 3 6 months. Sample copy for $2 + 9x12 envelope with 4 first class stamps. Subscription $12. Guidelines by mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Non fiction articles written in a hands on style. Experts should be quoted, but articles that contain only quotes from a specific region of the United States will not be considered. Quotes must be from either all over the US or contain some quotes from Atlanta sources. Pay $15 30 for 800 1,500 words and includes one copy of the printed article. Submit query, but complete ms. preferred. However, if the author has many articles available for reprint, send the title, word count and one or two sentences about each article.

PHOTOS: Send photo or photocopy of available photo

HINTS: "We print very few first person accounts, with the exception of parenting humor. We are looking for down to earth articles. No philosophical discussions. We need articles that talk about a problem and offer solutions."

au Juice

Box 9068, Berkeley, CA 94709.. P(510)548 0697, F(510)548 4414. E mail . Fred Dodsworth, Editor, Art Director and Publisher. 100% freelance. Aimed at an adventurous, "more fun than bucks" audience. They happily cover beer, booze, coffee, teas, peppers, chocolate and cheese. Circ. 50K. Quarterly. Pays 30 days after publication. Buys first print and electronic rights. No reprints. Reports "slow." Sample copy for $5. Subscription $25. Guidelines available by mail with SASE or by e mail.

NEEDS: Thoroughly researched, well written stories on: historic, exotic, unusual or ethnic foods; brews, booze, wines cordials and flavored liqueurs; coffee, tea, hot peppers and trend foods; pipes, cigars and exotic potions; interviews with noteworthy folks about eating and drinking; interviews with noteworthy chefs, brewers, distillers, etc.; overviews of new eating and drinking trends; exotic lives and locales; book reviews of food and beverage and; music reviews of any kind. Target a national audience. Pays $0.10/word for any length. Submit query.


HINTS: "Read one issue. Writing is a very difficult way to make a living. If you can't help yourself, and you must write, then please avoid using the first person outside of quote marks. Also avoid humorous stories humor is a matter of style. Anything the average writer thinks is funny, isn't. Spell check your word and read your work again after letting yourself "rest" for a few days, before you send it off. Lastly, never think, "it's good enough for what little they're paying me." It's not what I pay you that reflects what a piece is worth. Value is found in doing a job well enough to be proud of your work. I am aware of over a hundred feature stories on au Juice in newspapers. Your work may be seen by editors at most mid to large newspapers throughout the country."

Balloon Life

2336 47th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 2336. P(206) 935 3649. F(206) 935 3326. E mail or . Website . Tom Hamilton, Editor. 75% freelance. A 4 color monthly magazine dedicated to the sport of hot air ballooning. Circ. 4K. Pays on publication. Buys 1st N.A. Rights. No reprints. Some photo reprints. Reports 4 6 weeks. Sample copy with 9x12 SASE, first class postage for 9 oz. Subscription $30/year, $54/2 years. Guidelines by e mail or snail mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Balloon events/rallies; Safety seminars; Balloon clubs/organizations; General interest stories (interviews or biographies of people that have made a contribution to the sport); and Crew Quarters (900 words), a regular column devoted to some aspect of crewing. Tell as story of a crew experience, or share some other aspect of the sport. Pays $50 + 1 copy for articles of 1,000 1,500 words, and features of 800 2,000 words. Pays $20 + 1 copy for shorter articles 300 500 words (our Logbook Section) about recent balloon events. Longer articles may be submitted but are generally reserved for more technical or historical subjects. On rare occasions, pays more for research on pre approved technical articles. Sidebars welcome in addition to word counts above. Submit query. All assignments on speculation only.

PHOTOS: 35mm color, b/w transparencies. Request photo guidelines by e mail at . Sometimes assigns specific events to photographers. Pays $15 for inside photos and $50 for the cover. Assignment rates negotiable. Photos are returned.

HINTS: "All articles include pictures with captions."

Blue Ridge Country

P.O. Box 21535, Roanoke, VA 24018. 70% freelance. Bi monthly magazine on history and travel in southern Appalachians. Circ. 75K. Pays on publication. Publishes ms. 6 18 months after acceptance. Buys first N.A. serial rights. No reprints. Reports 2 4 months. Sample copy for $3 postage and 81/2x11 envelope. Subscription $16.95. Guidelines by mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Articles on history and travel in the southern Appalachians. Pays $50 200 for up to 1,600 words. Submit query.

PHOTOS: Slides

HINTS: "Read the magazine first."

Computer Currents

1250 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. P(510)527 0333. F(510)527 4106. E mail . Website . Robert Luhn, Editor in Chief (all submissions related to PCs). Doug Dineley, Associate Editor (all submissions relating to the Mac, and submissions for Multimedia in Review). 85% freelance. A source of help and information for PC and Mac business users of all stripes. Circ. 670K. Biweekly in Bay Area, monthly elsewhere. Buys 1st N.A. rights, electronic rights, and non exclusive reprint rights. Reprints are rare. Reports 6 weeks. Sample copy for $5. Subscription $29.95. Guidelines by mail with SASE, e mail or fax.

NEEDS: Two areas open to freelancers. "Multimedia in Review" runs lively, critical, short reviews of new CD ROMs, websites, books, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) {see guidelines for specific ISP review criteria}. Pays $50 75 for 300 words. "Cover Stories" on the following subjects: How To (solve specific problem); Technology Introduction/Overview (explanation of benefits, pitfalls and costs of a new technology); Consumer Investigation (investigates purchase, use and repair issues); Buyers' Guides (how to buy products and services and how consumers can protect themselves); Reviews (categories of products or specific genres of products). Pays $1,500 for 2,500 3,500 words. Also runs secondary features on these subjects. Pays $700 for 1,000 words. Submit cover letter, query and clips, or query by e mail. NO PHONE CALLS.


HINTS: "Read the magazine. Note areas of opportunity: Cover Stories and Multimedia in Review. Columns are written by previously contracted authors. "

ComputorEdge Magazine

P.O. Box 83086, San Diego, CA 92138. P(619)573 0315, E mail . Website . John San Filippo, Editor. DO NOT SUBMIT QUERIES AND SUBMISSIONS ELECTRONICALLY. 90% freelance. Weekly publication geared toward beginning to intermediate users of all desktop computer platforms. Offers a combination of news and how to. Circ. 125K (San Diego and Denver). Pays within 30 days of publication. Buys 1st N.A. serial rights plus one time electronic rights allowing them to publish the article on their website, but only during the week the issue is current. Reprints are rare. Reports 2 months. Weekly issues available online. Sample copy for four first class stamps. Subscription free (postal subscriptions available for S&H). Guidelines on website, or by e mail at with "request for guidelines" as the subject line.

NEEDS: News and how to geared toward beginning to intermediate users of all desktop computer platforms. Pays $50 150, depending on department, for features of 1,000 1,200 words and various columns of 500 900 words. Submit query or complete ms by mail with SASE.


HINTS: "Our style is very conversational. Writers should have a clear voice. In other words, they should write like they're explaining the topic to a friend. Also, each article should have a unique angle. For example, a writer may say, "I'd like to do an article about Pentium based notebooks." Well, what about them? In short, the two things I'd prefer not to see are articles with too technical a tone and articles with no focus."

Lake Claremont Press

P.O. Box 25291, Chicago, IL 60625. P(773)784 7517. E mails . Sharon Woodhouse, Owner. Lake Claremont Press is a small, regional publisher currently focusing on Chicago area guides and local history books. Publication schedule: 3 5 books planned for 1997; 7 10 books annually for 1998+.

NEEDS: "Our new 1997 titles will be "Chicago Haunts: Ghostly Lore of the Windy City," "Rosehill Cemetery: Monument To Chicago," and the 3rd edition of "A Native's Guide To Chicago." For 1998, we plan on releasing "A Native's Guide To Chicago's Northern Suburbs," "A Native's Guide To Chicago's Western Suburbs," "A Native's Guide To Chicago's Southern Suburbs," and "A Chicago Native's South Side Guide," all of which still need authors. Other 1998 titles will cover more Chicago area cemeteries and touring sites from Chicago gangster/mafia history. Decisions will be made by late July/early August, 1997 on the authors for these books. Payment will be negotiable royalties based on net sales of book. Advance of $400 800, made in installments, will be paid against future royalties Authors interested in writing one of the "Native's Guides..." may submit letters, resumes, and writing samples until July 10, 1997. Send a brief e mail for general information or to propose a different book idea."

HINTS: "At this time, we're not interested in books on shopping or Chicago based personalities. Do not suggest books on topics that are already adequately covered by other publishers. We're interested in unique guides and regional history for the average reader (thorough and informative, but not academic). Love, appreciation, and knowledge of the region is a must. Quirky and opinionated style good, but not necessary."

Food Product Design

3400 Dundee Rd., Ste. 100, Northbrook, IL 60062. P(847)559 0385. F(847)559 0389. E mail: . Lynn Kuntz, Editor. 80% freelance. A trade magazine covering the manufactured foods industry. Monthly. Pays on publication. Guidelines available only after assignment made.

NEEDS: Resume and clips. Does not accept queries or submissions. Pay negotiable for assigned articles of 3,000 to 6,000 words. Submit resume and clips only.


HINTS: "Only want writers with experience in the processed foods industry (not culinary). Must have a degree in food science or nutrition or a related degree."

Metropolis Magazine

177 East 87th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10128. P(212)722 5050. F(212)427 1938. E mail . Website . Kira Gould, Managing Editor. 85% freelance. A national magazine about architecture, design, and culture that's written for designers in all fields, as well as those who have an interest in how design functions in our society. Circ. 50K. 10 issues/year. Pays within 60 days of acceptance. No reprints. Sample copy with large SASE (tabloid size) envelope and postage for 1 lb. Subscription $28 ($19.95 discount).

NEEDS: Articles on the process of design and how it is being used in new ways to effect change in all fields education, politics, etc. Pays $50 1,000 for: Features and By Design pieces (1,800 3,000 words); Insites (250 500 words); Metropolis Observed pieces (500 1,500). Our book review section, In Print (queries for which can be addressed to any editor) tends to run about 2,500 3,000 words, and typically focuses on the issues covered in a group (two to four) of books. Contacts Insites: Noel Millea, Assistant Editor. By Design: Janet Rumble, Senior Editor. Visible City: Kira Gould, Managing Editor. Metropolis Observed: David Brown, Associate Editor. Features: Marisa Bartolucci, Executive Editor or Susan Szenasy, Editor in Chief, or any of the other editors. Furniture, graphic design, or the process of design ideas: Janet Rumble or Noel Millea, architecture ideas or European topics: Marisa Bartolucci, and urban, development, political/social, and planning ideas: Kira Gould or David Brown. Examine at least two issues and then submit query with clips. Do not submit complete ms.


HINTS: "Keep in mind that at Metropolis, a firm's new work isn't a story, but the critical issues that their work brings to light might be a story. The ideal story is based on strong reporting skills and a knowledgeable examination of current critical issues, and will be written in a clear essay style. We are a special interest consumer publication, and our audience is made up of designers, architects, planners, and others who are interested in those topics. It is not a professional only audience, so technical jargon is to be avoided."


900 Jefferson Drive, Washington, DC 20560. E-mail . Website . Ms. Marlane Liddell, Articles Editor. 90% freelance. Magazine of cultural history, physical science, art, and natural history. Circ. 2M. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Offers 33% kill fee. Buys first N.A. serial rights. No reprints. Publishes ms. average of 2 months after acceptance. Responds 8 weeks. Sample $3. Subscription $24; $37 outside US. Guidelines by e-mail, or by mail with SASE to Attn: Articles Department.

NEEDS: Focused subjects that fall within the general range of SMITHSONIAN Institution interests (above). Always looking for offbeat subjects and profiles. Does not consider fiction, poetry, travel features, political and news events. Pay negotiable for 1,000 word humor columns up to 4,000-word full-length features. Submit “a proposal of 250-300 words as a preliminary query” with brief bio. E-mail submissions welcome. Mailed submissions must include SASE.

PHOTOS/ART: "If you do have photographs or illustration materials, please include a selection of them with your submission. 35mm color transparencies or b/w prints are perfectly acceptable. Photographs are usually obtained through assignments, stock agencies, or specialized sources. No photo library is maintained and photographs should be submitted only to accompany a specific proposal."

HINTS: “The proposal should convince us that we should cover the subject. Offer descriptive information on how you, the writer, would treat the subject, and offer us an opportunity to judge your writing ability. Background information and writing credentials are helpful. We publish only 12 issues a year, so it is difficult to place an article in SMITHSONIAN Magazine, but please be assured that all proposals are considered."

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